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Sept 17-18, 2015 - Family Center carpets cleaned

The carpets in all rooms and office of the Family Center were cleaned.

Feb 6-22, 2015 - Church Basement Repairs

With the help of five of the Fernie Ghostriders hockey team and some volunteers from HF parish The church basement was cleaned up and mounds of dirt left from the building of the church in 1911 was dug up and removed.  Then the dirt floor was levelled and a concrete floor was poured.  New heating ducts were installed and the basement is now heated.  Once the dust settled the carpets and the pews in the church were cleaned.

February 2015 - Clean and upgrade furnace ducts in church and hall

The furnace ducts in the hall were cleaned and an air sanitizer system installed on each furnace.  In the church larger ducts were installed where needed to improve air flow and new heat ducts were installed in the church entrance improving the efficiency of the church furnace.

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